Superhero Wedding Cake Toppers

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Custom Batman Wedding Cake Topper w/Mix & Match Bride

Superhero Wedding Cake Toppers

Custom and personalized based on your photos

Create a custom super hero wedding cake topper sculpted to look like the bride and groom.  We will customize the faces to look exactly like yours.  We can even design a cake topper with some other super hero's uniform.  We offer customized wedding cake toppers in a classic, realistic style as well as a bobblehead, funny style.  Get started designing yours today!

Batman Wedding Cake Toppers

One of our most popular cake toppers is our Batman wedding cake topper.  We sculpt the bride and groom's faces and hairstyles based on your photos.  The groom can be in any color suit - grey, charcoal, navy or black.  We paint the belt, tie, shoes and under shirt any color.  There are lots of bride styles to choose from or custom sculpt your own.

Superman Wedding Cake Toppers

What groom doesn't see himself as a sort of Superman?  Our Clark Kent can be customized with any Man of Steel logo beneath his tuxedo.  Design a custom Superman wedding cake topper here.  We even have a version without a jacket for beach or casual weddings.  

Wonder woman Wedding Cake Toppers

We offer two versions of Wonder Woman bride wedding cake toppers.  We have a vintage look and a modern look.  Many brides prefer to use another standard bride figurine that matches their wedding dress and then add the headband and wrist cuffs to make the bride look like Wonderwoman.

Superhero wedding cake toppers are a great way to personalize your wedding.