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Same Sex Wedding Cake Toppers

Same Sex Gay and Lesbian Wedding Cake ToppersCustom sculpted and personalized

Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans Cake Toppers

Create a magical cake topper that perfectly shows off your love. Our custom made same sex wedding cake toppers are perfect for gay weddings. Select from any of our standard styles or create something one of a kind just for you and your partner.

We offer hundreds of interchangeable styles that can be mix and matched depending on the clothing and pose you like.  We custom sculpt your faces and hairstyles.  Or, create something fully customized that is perfect just for you.  When we customize a new style, we can change the pose, clothing, accessories and base to make a unique cake topper just for you.

Gay Superhero Wedding Cake Toppers

One popular style we offer is our Gay Superhero Wedding Cake Toppers.  We can paint the tuxedos any color and customize the logo beneath to be any super hero logo - Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America or more.

Gay Beach Wedding Cake Toppers

We also offer an adorable Gay Beach Grooms wedding cake topper for couples getting married on the sand.