Custom Mr. and Mrs. Smith Wedding Cake Toppers


The heads are hand-sculpted from your photos (with your hairstyle, facial hair, glasses, etc) • These pre-designed bodies are painted to closely match your attire (dress strap, neckline, sleeves, lace or any details)

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Product Description

Male figurines: 7.75 tall by 1.5 wide
Female figurines: 7.25 tall by about 2 wide
Weight: With base and nameplate less than 1.6 pounds

Made 100% polyresin material and embellished with non-toxic paints and embellishments.

For the secret agent couple that wants to reveal their true identity at the wedding! The custom base can be modified to have your last name if you wish.  Please submit close-up photos of the bride and groom's faces as well as photos of the clothing and hairstyles. Only your faces and hairstyles will be custom sculpted - the clothing can be painted any way you like.  Looking for other styles featuring tactical weapons, rifles, glocks, handguns?  Visit our hunting themed wedding cake toppers page.