Movies & Heroes Wedding Cake Toppers

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Customized with your Favorite Movie Stars

Star Wars, Superheroes, Zombies and more

Custom and personalized based on your photos

If you are looking to show your true identity at the wedding or birthday party, look no further than our line of custom wedding cake toppers and birthday cake toppers. We have created some great superhero styles that we think will be a big hit!

Our Clark style shown to the left is one of our most popular groom styles. Just like Clark Kent ripping off his suit to reveal his alter ego, Superman, our handsome Superman groom is ripping off his tuxedo to show his true identity. The logo painted on his chest isn't limited to Superman - we can paint any logo - from rock bands, to college mascots. This style works great for the groom's cake and can be purchased separately.

We have two more superhero grooms available in our Fashionably Funny line of cake toppers. We offer a Clark Kent style as well as a Superman wedding cake topper!

We also have styles available for the Wonder Woman cake topper fan, Captain America fan and Spiderman fan. Create a custom Batman wedding cake topper!