How it works? - Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Cake Topper

Every Bobblegram is custom made. Every head is sculpted based on you and the photos you provide.

Everything on our website: The body and pose are cast from a pre-designed mold and the artists can modify the color to resemble your dress, suit, and accessories. On some of the bride styles, we can paint a strap, a lower cut on the back, etc. 
With any Set of Mix & Match Toppers, you can upgrade (+99) just the bride/groom to be 100% Design-your-own if, for example, you want a fully custom pose or dress sculpted exactly like yours.

For a 100% Design-your-own Bobblegram, the entire wedding cake topper is sculpted to your exact specifications 100%! We can sculpt your exact wedding dress, incorporate special ideas, or even do custom poses, physiques, heights, etc.

Need any help? We offer a complimentary appointment for a 20 mins consulting. Chat with us now




1. Select your style and upload your photos (They will look like you!) grinning-face-1f600.png

• All Bobblegrams come with customization of the heads so they looks like you!

• Select photos where you have a big smile :D

• Don't forget to add your furry friends or kids

2. Receive updates and review photos every step of the way  love-letter-1f48c.png

• Our intention is to create a beautiful Bobblegram you will love. 95% of the time, our sculptors nail it the first time around without any revisions.

Approve or ask for revisions after seeing the 3D head Proof, Body Proof (only if ordering custom body), and Finished Proof of the completed Bobblegram in full color.

3. Put your Bobblegram on the wedding cake, then keep it forever bride-with-veil-1f470.png

• The more time you have before your event starts, the more revisions we can accommodate and still ship in time. See more here.

• We use the most durable material, Polyresin in the market. Even your cake will be eaten, your Bobblegram will last forever.