100% Design Your Own

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100% Design-your-own Custom Wedding Cake topper

Custom and personalized based on your photos

For a 100% Design-your-own Bobblegram, the entire wedding cake topper is sculpted to your exact specifications 100%! We can sculpt your exact wedding dress, incorporate special ideas, or even do custom poses, physiques, heights, etc.

Everything else on our website: The body and pose are casted from a pre-designed mold and the artists can modify the color to resemble your dress, suit, and accessories. On some of the bride styles, we can paint a strap, a lower cut on the back, etc. With any Set of Mix & Match Toppers, you can upgrade (+99) just the bride/groom to be 100% Design-your-own if, for example, you want a fully custom pose or dress sculpted exactly like yours.
Every Bobblegram is custom made. Every head is sculpted based on you and the photos you provide.