Custom Couple Holding Lightsaber Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper


The heads are hand-sculpted based on your photos (with your hairstyle, facial hair, glasses, etc) • These pre-designed bodies are painted to closely match your attire (dress strap, neckline, sleeves, lace or any details). You will review photo proofs along the way (We won’t ship until you approve!) 💌

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  • [Add-on] Fabric Veil For Bride
  • [Add-on] Nameplate


"Standing at the far end of the red carpet, Princess Leia, who was holding her wedding bouquet, looked over at Luke and smiled at him. She then glanced around and saw Ken and all her other friends. Chewbacca was on hand to serve as Han's Best Man. And See-Threepio and Artoo-Detoo were there to share the title of Best Droid, both of them showing off their gleaming polish."Leia Organa's wedding in the Jedi Prince saga

Process + Details

We are the only one that hand-sculpt with wax and cast a mold out of it. We then pour resin and let it cure, and finally hand paint it with love. With this complex technique, our custom wedding cake toppers are the most durable in the market that can last forever as a keepsake.

The custom wedding cake topper is around 8" tall and 1.5 lbs. The base is around 6" x 4".


Needed by

# of Revisions (if needed)

16+ weeks from today (FREE)


12-15 weeks from today (+ $30)

5 rounds of revisions

9-11 weeks from today (+ $65)

3 round of revisions