Weight Lifting Body Building Cake Topper

BobbleGram on 29th Jun 2012

My name is Chaleesa Abrazado and I think a bodybuilding cake topper would be a great cake topper for my wedding. My fiance loves the gym and lifting weights. He’s always exercising. I myself love to exercise to but not as much as him. So I was wondering, if my cake topper idea wins, to have my fiance in a tuxedo but the tuxedo looking like a body building suit, holding a barbell behind his head in a squatting position while I’m in a wedding dress sitting on top the barbell.

Our wedding is not till January 11, 2014 but I love the idea of a custom wedding cake topper. We have chosen the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki to have our wedding but we are not quite set on a theme for our wedding yet although I think our wedding will be a “Do it Yourself” kind of wedding where all my centerpieces, favors and invites will be hand made. I am the crafty type of bride.

I love this custom cake topper idea because for most of our relationship, which is currently going on eight years, my fiancé was always doing sports or keeping active. In high school he played soccer. I was thinking of a soccer cake topper but I thought it was to common. Then I came across the body building cake topper and I thought that was an excellent idea. He loves to go gym. He goes six days a week and I like to go gym and I go at least five days a week and I also go boot camp. Our friends refer to us as the buff and beast couple because we lift together and we try to always stay as fit as possible. He also wants to try bodybuilding competition, which is also how the cake topper idea came to be. We basically bond and have a lot of our one and one times over exercising and lifting. Also if my idea wins, I am going to glass box my cake topper and keep it forever in remembrance of our wedding and cherish it for how much it means to me and the reasons behind it.