Tim and LaShanda's Movie Night Wedding Cake Topper

BobbleGram on 28th Jun 2012

Thank you LaShanda and Tim for your idea on a movie theater themed custom wedding cake topper.

Since the day that Tim and I got engaged, May 29, 2012, I have thought about what our wedding day would look like. As we get closer to our chosen date, June 29, 2013, the vision for that day becomes clearer. Tim and I will marry at the Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, MD. As a child, I dreamt of getting married in a castle and this historic mansion is the next best thing.

The ceremony will be a formal affair with 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen. I plan to wear a white gown with a sweetheart neckline, a dropped waist and a full skirt. My fiancé will wear a tuxedo with a tie and vest showcasing our wedding colors, light yellow and platinum.

A string quartet will serenade our guests as they arrive and “Here Comes the Bride” will play as my father walks me down the aisle. In time, Tim and I will recite our vows to one another and my pastor will pronounce us “man and wife.”

While the wedding party takes pictures, our guests will enjoy a cocktail hour, complete with a full bar and a live jazz band. After which, they will be escorted to the reception, where they will be treated to a sit-down dinner, more live music and plenty of line dancing. When it is time to cut the cake, our guests will behold the most wonderful and younique cake topper depicting Tim and me engaged in one of our favorite pastimes, going to the movies.

I began attending advance movie screenings the year before I met Tim. At that time, I did not have a regular movie buddy and I often found myself going alone. While being a “single rider” has its advantages when finding good seats in a crowded theater, I longed for a companion who shared my love of movies. Then, through a friend of a friend, I met Tim and, for the past two years, he has been that companion and much much more. He is truly my best friend and the love of my life. When I am with him, I feel like I am in a movie, not just watching one.

Last year, we committed to having a weekly date night. When a week is particularly hectic or stressful, we know that our “Tuesday night movie night” is right around the corner. The time we spend together is so much more than just watching a movie– it is holding hands or cuddling in the theater, it is sharing a laugh (or a cry), it is knowing that the person you love most in the world is only an armrest away. Tim and I have promised to keep this tradition going even after we get married and start a family; the cake topper will serve as constant reminder of that promise.

The cake topper would depict what “Tuesday night movie night” would look like if we were to go to the movies after the reception. Tim and I would be sitting in theater movie seats. Tim would be on my right-hand side and his left arm would be draped over my shoulder. Tim’s right hand would be holding a bag of popcorn. Tim would be wearing his tuxedo with the dress shirt open to show a Washington Redskins t-shirt. He would also be wearing a Washington Redskins hat. I would be wearing my wedding gown and my head would be resting on his shoulder. I would have a box of goobers, my favorite candy, on my lap. My wedding bouquet would be in the cup holder on the armrest.