Grooms Cake Topper

BobbleGram on 29th May 2012

Grooms Cake Topper

A Grooms Cake Topper

Grooms Cake Topper

What do you get the groom that has everything? Well, it might sound cliche but seriously, this can be a real challenge. Guys today are more likely to shop online which is awesome for men that avoid the shopping mall like the plague. So, that leaves us with a lot of grooms that have just about every gizmo ever designed. Plus, when it comes to wanting to really make your groom grin ear to ear, you want something sentimental but not girly. Something fun but not goofy. Something…unique!

Let us make a Custom Cake Topper he will LOVE!

Enter The Younique Boutique and our custom groom cake toppers. When our customer Katie called yesterday looking for something a little off the wall, we were pleased as punch to tell her, “that’s no problem.” Katie wants a cake topper featuring herself dressed in her exact gown and her fiance dressed in his tuxedo with both of them on his motorcycle holding their two beloved pets. Katie’s fiance means the world to her and she was having the hardest time finding something to give him as a gift on their wedding day. The solution, we both agreed, was a fully custom wedding cake topper.

Go Fully Custom! You only get married once!

I think a fully custom cake topper may just be the perfect groom’s gift. I mean, it serves a purpose at your event (conversation piece) and it makes just about the best keepsake there is. There really is no better way to commemorate your best day than something this special and unique.

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