Custom Tree Wedding Cake Topper Figurines

BobbleGram on 28th Jun 2012

Thank you to Lizelle and Nihar for their entry to win custom wedding cake topper figurines. Good luck!

Wedding Cake Topper with Trees

Lizelle and Nihar with their Pup

Nihar and I met by chance on May 20, 2009. We were then just living our single lives in Philadelphia, each of us a little burned from our previous relationships. My friend took me to a party in the lobby of The Packard Building on Broad Street. Nihar’s friend and he decided to take a break from studying for their medical exams and went down to the lobby for a drink. Nihar spotted me and tried to start a conversation, but I wasn’t intending on meeting anyone. He was very persistent! (And now I can admit- charming:) I finally gave him my number and agreed to go out to one dinner with him, if only to get him to leave me alone. During our first date, I realized he was very special and we did end up kissing. Someone once said you should get to know a person before you kiss him/her. Yet you can know so much from one kiss. I realized that he was my guy. It really was just a wonderful, happy feeling that I knew he was the one for me. Just meeting Nihar was a surprise.

Nihar and I dated for a year. Then, we went out with a bunch of friends for New Year’s 2010. It was our usual fun night of dancing, but then, right after the midnight countdown, he got down on one knee. I had no idea he was even going to propose! What an even more wonderful surprise! We’ve since been engaged, waiting for the right time to have the wedding.

I am Filipino Catholic and Nihar, is Indian Hindu, so we will be having two wedding ceremonies on July 27, 2013. The Catholic ceremony will take place at Holy Cross Church in Dover, DE in the morning. Then the Hindu ceremony, as well as the reception, will take place at Dover Downs Casino.The attached (and uploaded to Facebook) picture is of Nihar, our Chinese Shar Pei, Mia and me. I would love a cake topper to mimic this scene because it represents us. We are very casual, fun, and light-hearted, and my sister just happened to take a picture of us being our silly selves hiding behind the trees. I would like more of our bodies shown, and both of us in our wedding attire, but definitely peeking out from the trees. The playfulness in nature plays tribute to Bollywood films, which are prominent in Nihar’s Indian culture.

If this were our wedding cake topper, it would not only be a big hit with our families, but it would also be a little portrait that we could cherish forever.