A Willow Update

BobbleGram on 22nd May 2012

I know I got to be better about updating my blog about baby #2. Why is it so hard to do? I mean, the kid is freakin’ gorgeous and funny and she blows the other babies away. So, it isn’t like I have nothing to say about her.

Willow is a little shy of 8 months. She is starting to crawl by going down on her hands and usually flopping on her face. But lately, she is pushing up on her knees before flopping on her face. Of course, in true Willow style, she wails likes a wounded soldier every time she flops. We were outside today in the fresh summer air with her friend Dillon and I swear, Dillon didn’t make a peep the whole time. She just played with her toys and smiled. Willow lasted about 10 minutes and started being annoyed. She wanted to stand up and got frustrated with me for not facilitating better.

She has 4 teeth now and she looks really good with teeth! Plus, she can eat pineapple now by biting off tiny little portions and sucking them in. She’ll take your hand right off if you’re not careful. Girl likes to eat! She eats all sorts of fruits and I finally got around to buying some purees which aren’t half bad. She loves sweet potatoes and tonight, maybe some peas.

Sleeping is going better. She still hasn’t quite accepted that Daddy isn’t going to rock her to sleep anymore. He stopped about 2 weeks ago. She goes to bed at around 7am and cries for about 10 minutes before going to sleep. She wakes up like clock work at 5:45 – which pretty much sucks. Ryder is getting potty trained and has learned to hold it all night so when he hears little Sissy up at 5:45, he starts yelling “MAMA! I NEED TO GO PEE! CAN YOU COME GET ME??!”

Willow is more into crying than talking these days although sometimes she will rattle off a “ba ba” or a “fffff.” She is awfully sweet and loves to be kissed. She especially likes to have her belly blown on and laughs hysterically.